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Team FIDES vocation and the continuous change state in which we live, makes us to constantly create or search for new development tools.


Bridge is a Relational Style model. By building bridges between different person’s styles, it seeks to discover, communicate, motivate and persuade different style persons. We all have different styles, which makes us receive communication in different ways. Adapting our communication to the style of the person we are addressing to, enables us to understand each other better. To obtain a positive relation between different styles, we need to build understanding and acceptance bridges. We need to understand what each style needs and what we need to avoid. Only then we will be able to avoid misunderstandings and conflict.


All groups go through different relationship stages among its members; some highly productive or constructive, others frustrating or destructive. Sikkhona provides a set of dynamics and tools intended to encourage communication among the group members, address conflicts in a positive way, and grow in cohesion, making them to move towards high professional performance groups of constant personal growth, developing the groups’ relationships.


Provides customized programs to improve the businesses’ development processes. From experiences about supporting successfully in the learning and change processes through learning projects based on experience.

The leadership, sales skills, communication theories and group interaction become dynamic and physically and emotionally tangible, allowing an exact trace of conflict points, dynamics, and mood.

Participants support the facilitator by resource mobilization, giving feedback and creating a natural and positive learning environment.


It is a personality questionnaire that allows to know the preference indicators of the person in four dimensions, thus helping to:

  • Value diversity and multicultural knowledge
  • Improve work relations
  • Improve communication
  • Develop leadership style
  • Improve problem resolution strategies
  • Support change management


Our goal is to motivate, unite and make the people who are part of a company happier in a fun and original way, and to break the ice and reward the efforts of each and every single person that makes up a work team.

As proper experiential learning enthusiasts we:

  • use team building activities as part of our methods,
  • adapt outdoor training activities to our customers’ formative needs,
  • design programs that aim to motivate, inspire and develop people and teams,
  • facilitate conventions, meetings, incentives, appointed dates…,
  • create challenges that motivate, such as: Graffiti Team Challenge, Short Film Festival, Catapult Challenge, Raft Building Challenge…,

and all of this because a company’s true value is its human capital.