DF 450x92

We know how to use technology together with our consultant, development and formation projects. In 2002 we began our experience in the ITC world and multimedia with the purpose of:


E-learning programs (scorm), with proven results and efficiency that go together with the training programs.

Utilizing the information delivered through the client, we create the resources that best adapt to the provided demands and contents.

We adapt our programs to the specific client’s needs, delivering a resource for their exclusive use.

Based on the client’s needs, ideas, and concerns, we create the necessary contents, means and resources.

We design on-line strategies focused on your business’ objectives and on the communication your organization needs to reach your audience. We establish usable and persuasive web solutions that can transform users into potential clients.


All our projects consider the participant’s commitment to conduct an “Action Plan” linked to the business related to his position, and/or an “Development Alliance” which will measure his/her competence improvement in the participating project.

These commitments are measured through two specific applications created in our own Factory:

Allows the use of information in real time from the Action Plans’ results linked to the business and its Tutorials, itemized per student, group, collective, in such a way that the efficiency grade in each commercial phase, as well as the business contributions in units and value in the established time frames, can be observed.

Shows the committed improvement behaviors, as well as the actions to obtain change, advancements, and results of the way they have impacted the participant and their clients. It also hosts the tutor’s advice and the participant’s answers, creating a log per student.